What Makes The Best WordPress Hosting?

You want the best hosting for your WordPress site because you want to beat your un-informed competition when it comes to performance. Choosing the wrong WordPress hosting can cost you customer satisfaction, time and money. Do a little research before investing in a hosting company for your WordPress website and your conversions will go up.

There are several other benefits from choosing the best WordPress hosting provider. Let’s dive into these benefits and take a look at the differences between a host that’s got it’s servers configured for fast WordPress speeds and a host that doesn’t.

First, the juicy benifits of fast WordPress Page Speed.

Higher Google and Search Engine Rankings

The most valuable asset to Google is searcher satisfaction. Of course, that’s because if searchers aren’t satisfied with Google search results, they’ll use another search engine and Google will loose the millions that people are paying to advertise.

How does searcher satisfaction tie into page speed? Simple, searchers are more satisfied with Google when they provides results to fast, reliable websites and that’s why Google recommends those sites first.

It’s not just Google who analyzes the speed of your website, it’s most major search engines and advertising networks.

Lower the Cost of Paid Advertising

Google Ads is the most profitable and widely used paid advertising platform on the internet. While advertising on Google, every ad is given a quality score. When the quality score goes up, the cost per click goes down, in turn, saving the advertiser hundreds or thousands of dollars in advertising.

The quality score reflects how relevant the content is and that’s right, how fast your website loads. High quality web pages use fast, high quality servers to deliver the information to the searcher which in turn, boosts the quality score of the advertisement for that web page.

Higher on-site conversion rates

Just like Google likes to give their users content they’ll love, so do you. When your customers are satisfied, conversion rates go up.

A satisfied customer doesn’t have to wait around and think about lunch while waiting for your website to load. When someone clicks on your website, they expect to see your website appear instantly.

When testing page load times between a website that loads in 5 seconds vs a website that loads in 2 seconds, the site that loads in 2 seconds saw up to a 12% increase in conversions because the customers were more satisfied with their experience.

Faster Workflow

You need to be more productive and that means having a fast, snappy workflow while using the back end of your website to create content and to take orders.

The best WordPress hosting will never make you wait. Create and manage content quickly by putting your business on servers with optimized performance.

Now for some techy mumbo jumbo… Yeah Baby, Bring on the Speed!


The hardware that stores your data plays the most important role for speed.

An HDD (Hard Disk Drive) uses mechanical, moving parts. When the disk is reads or writes information, a disk spins up, and a mechanical arm moves into position to read the information on the disk. These devices are popular because they’re inexpensive.

SSDs (Solid State Drives) do not use moving parts. These are more expensive and not as popular as HDD.

What’s faster? The SSD. Since nothing needs to spin or move into position, the ssd can perform up to 20x faster than the HDD. Along with a speed improvement, SSD drives can last longer because there are no mechanical parts that fail.

Several hosting companies use HDD because of cost. Others, like JackRabbit.host use SSD drives to improve performance and reliability.

Apache vs. NGINX vs. LiteSpeed

Apache is the most widely used Server configuration and has been for years. NGINX is becoming more popular because it’s ability to serve more data at once. Litespeed is less known but after testing, wordpress websites on Litespeed and NGINX perform better.

We’re not going to get into the details here, there are plenty of tests you can find for yourself online.

Here is a graph from one test that makes it pretty clear that Litespeed has the upper hand when using WordPress. Keep in mind, not all websites are the same, this test may vary from site to site but for wordpress overall, Litespeed is becoming more popular because of it’s ability to serve information at higher speeds.

3rd Party Caching vs. LS Cache

If you’re using WordPress, then you need to remember that caching is very important. There are several caching plugins that you can use and most will improve your site’s performance.

More tests were done to find the best performing caching plugin and the verdict put LiteSpeed Cache above the rest. To use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, of course you need to be running your website on Litespeed servers. In addition to the results, users seem to be more satisfied with this plugin than the other 3rd party plugins at wordpress.org.

Serve your site faster with Cloudflare

Performance isn’t only about the hardware that’s delivering your data but also about where in the world that data is stored and the amount of time it takes for the data to reach the user.

It probably goes without saying that if someone lives in Colorado and they’re accessing data stored on a server in Denver, it’s probably going to reach that user faster than if they were trying to access data from London.

Cloudflare uses this principal to accelerate content delivery. Cloudflare has a data center in just about every major commercial city all over the world. When you use Cloudflare, your data is stored in every cloudflare data center. So if someone lives in Malibu, California and visits your site, they’ll be viewing Data stored in LA. If someone lives in Japan and visits your site, they’ll be viewing data stored in Tokyo.

Because your data is cached in these data centers, you have the option to use Cloudflare’s “Always Online” feature which is enabled by default. If for some reason your website goes down, users will be able to view the saved version of your site from the data center closest to them which results in little to no downtime for the end user.

Whew… That’s a lot of information to take in.

Owning a healthy and well performing website that Google recommends requires your due diligence before choosing a hosting provider.

Since you found this page at JackRabbit.host, of course we have to promote our service as a high performance hosting company. Every hosting account we offer comes with each feature mentioned above. Pop open the chat and ask for a discount. We’ll make it easy and quick to get started.