Using a Credit Card with JackRabbit uses Stripe to process credit cards that are entered during checkout.

Credit Card Information and Subscriptions

JackRabbit does not store any credit card information inside the site. Your credit card information is only stored inside the Stripe payment gateway, the JackRabbit team has no way of viewing your credit card information. We do this to keep your information safe. Other companies like to store credit card information on their website and give the credit card information to the credit card processing company.

Because of the ability to set up subscriptions inside Stripe, we don't need to keep your credit card information on file.  

Canceling or Removing your Credit Card 

Because we do not store your credit card information inside our system, we are unable to offer you an option to cancel or update your card directly from your dashboard. If you would like to cancel or update your card, please send us a support ticket or chat with us and we'll discontinue your subscription and delete your customer profile inside stripe. When the next invoice is due, you can enter your new credit card information. Additionally, when you cancel your service with, we will remove your customer profile within stripe. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the security of your information, please let us know.
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