Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing packages are based on your vision, objectives, and insights. We follow a 3 step process for success.

We identify your marketing objectives and requirements and create a framework to forge a standing and give exceptional returns on marketing dollars.

By understanding your audience and through the use of appealing content, we convey your business’s unique selling proposition and put forth what makes you stand out from the competition. 

Through real-time analytics, we ensure your campaigns are always on track and make adjustments when we need to course correct.

Our Process

Platforms Creation and Optimization

We ensure that you're present on all the relevant social media platforms based on your business and target audience. These accounts are then optimized as per the best practices so that you are easily discovered.


We provide an integrated marketing approach to help you achieve your marketing goals. If you have selected the SEO package, you will receive an in-depth strategy for social, website content and ideas for any digital medium applicable. Along with you, we define the timelines and create a roadmap for success.

Content Creation

We design a visual language for you based on your brand/business guidelines. If you are new to this, we will help you create one. We publish content in many forms – social media posts, blogs, and videos and ensure that the correct type of content is used on a suitable medium.


Based on your plan, we will provide reports with analytics and insights to help you understand the performance and if any edits are required moving forward.


We will manage all aspects of your publishing schedule, from planning to posting, based on when your audience will likely engage.